CVRP Links


  • The CVRPSEP package: a collection of routines, written in the C programming language, for the separation of various classes of cuts in branch-and-cut algorithms for the CVRP.
  • VRPSolver: a state-of-the-art BCP algorithm for the CVRP and several other variants.
  • VRPSolverEasy: a simple Python interface for VRPSolver that supports routing problems with familiar elements like depots, customers, links, and vehicle types. 
  • HGS-CVRP: a state-of-the-art heuristic for the CVRP
  • ILS-SP-CVRP: a matheuristic for the CVRP
  • DIMACS Implementation Challenge on CVRP
  • CVRPLIB.jl: a reader in Julia for the CVRPLIB instances
  • CVRPLIB: a reader in Python for the CVRPLIB instances